Encryption. Privacy. Reputability.

Silent Chatter proudly releases the new standard for privacy.


Silent Chatter develops the next level of worry free secure communications.
SILENT CHATTER Messaging Protocol

The electronic equivalent of a regular conversation between two people in an empty room.

Guarantee Anonymity

No way to associate device or SIM card to customer account.

Messages that Self-Destruct

With our advanced burn a user can force wipe their own messages from another user’s device.

Customized Android Platform

Fully encrypted from power on. Focus on security and privacy. Simplified user settings.

Panic Wipe

From screen lock a user can type in a password and instantly wipe device’s data.

Over-the-Air (OTA) Service

Enhancements, patches, and features can be securely added directly to the Android Operating system of a subscriber device.

Password Wipe

After a set amount of password attempts on device all data is wiped, passwords are not receverable. this ensures that Silent Chatter has abolsutely no connection or backup details to the users account or details of their database.

Simplified VerificatioN

Using our Notary verification process vastly simplifies the complexities of encryption for end users.

Destroy Account

With a click of a button a user can completely wipe clean their handset of the Silent Chatter App.

Industry Leading Hardware (OPTION)

Specially tailored to harden security. Removal of camera, microphone, GPS, and USB data port.

Secure Boot

Upon boot, the device internally checks itself to ensure no one has tampered with the system files.

Global Service SIM Card (OPTION)

Quad-band GSM, UMTS and CDMA all supported. International SIM included +120 countries.

Tamper Proofing

Attack surfaces such as ADB connectivity and recovery mode have been removed.

Field Factory Restore

A user can now securely wipe subscriber device and rebuild it in the field.

Updates & Live Support

Frequent application updates direct. Includes live support.