About us

Privacy is a right, not a privilege

Our belief is no different from those who believe privacy is for everyone. What makes us unique is that we made it our mission to help people defend their privacy every day.


Expertise comes with doing something in different ways to discover the best in the outcomes. We are not saying our way is perfect, but we take a step closer every day.


Without the necessary experience, our mission would only be a dream. Our team of specialists has faced many threats and learned what building blocks to use to defend your privacy, communication and data.

Entrust your business to our experienced specialists

Our journey to the OUR secure messenger started with a blank sheet.

The drawing table is where it all started. Our team of usability and encryption experts spent a great amount of time to find the perfect balance between an everyday usable messenger app and indecipherable encryption without making a concession on either one.

Gamma, beta, alfa

Launching the Silent Chatter encrypted messenger for the public comes with great responsibility. We know how people rely on our encryption and trust their communication and data is safe. That is why we put the prime encrypted messenger to a wide range of tests to make sure it as promised, the best encryption messenger available today.

Mission incompleted

Encrypted Messenger brought to you by Slient Chatter is never completed. As long as thieves and hackers are working on creative ways to invade your privacy and steel your data, you can rest assured we will anticipate these threats and stay ahead in our development.